Charms of the Third Trimester…

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I have just entered the magical period of the third trimester, where breasts (so desirable!), don’t fit in bras, and my lovely bedroom I have had to replace with the loo, because in general, it does not make sense to walk every 20 minutes! Do you have it too? These sweet little kicks of the baby in the second trimester have transformed into a serious battle with my organs, and it really starts to be painful! I will not mention getting out of bed! A real Armageddon, I start from the edge of the bed, then lean against the stool and finish on the window sill, trying to stay upright! Glamorous! Most people start to doubt that you will ever be born. The translation doesn’t help here, “but it’s only 30 weeks!” No. After all, they see that it’s almost ALREADY! No so far! In the face of moving to a new home and redecorations that I came up with before the baby due, in fact, these last 10 weeks will fly by 🙂 Apart from heartburn, urinating while coughing, sneezing and laughing all this is ok! My baby’s getting wriggly and I can’t sleep at whole. I think he is testing me-it is a clever conspiracy of small peoples on their tired mothers 🙂 Of course, such difficulties and fatigue are normal during this period. Therefore, I always encourage you to maintain physical activity, without which unpleasant ailments in pregnancy could be much harder to bear. A healthy diet is not only a guarantee for a quick return to shape, it is also strength and health for your little one. In a few weeks ahead of us there will be another battle to fight off , and a long journey with coming into the world the offspring, (although,I wish, that we will deal faster than last). Every pregnancy is a big challenge, regardless of age, the amount of accumulated pounds and persistent ailments is a real triathlon for your body. Therefore, in this last time, don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Relax much more often, don’t be afraid to ask others for help, because no matter how fit you are, you have the right to be tired. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, remember to hydrate the organism. Take care of your skin at this time. In this period you will gain the most weight. Use a special sponge, brush or gloves to massage while showering. Alternately use warm-cold water using the coffee beans as a peeling (a fantastic, natural method! ). Ask at Starbucks about leftovers ground coffee; they’ll give you for free! On the end, always use olives, coconut oil or almond oils to moisturise the skin of the belly. Remember that this period is just a drop in the sea when you do not feel like in your body, and your brain is mode: get- this -baby -out! But soon you will have many reasons for joy, forgetting about the sorrows and pains associated with the “production” of your baby.
Ciao amigo!
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